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Since our inception, the Cardinal Athletic Foundation has provided nearly $250,000 to support a variety of Cardinal sports and sports-related needs. This page shows all distributions the Foundation has made since 1995.

If you are a coach or staff member in District 206 and wish to submit a request, please download the application form, fill it out, and email a scanned copy to distribution@alexcards.com.  You may also mail your application to the following address:

Cardinal Athletic Foundation
attn: Distribution Committee
PO Box 752
Alexandria, MN 56308

Past Grants

$60,000 for AAHS gym expansion and field turf2015Multiple
$4,000 for statistics scoreboard at AAHS gym2015Multiple
$4,000 for uniforms2015Multiple
$2,000 for fitness room sound system2015Multiple
$1,000 for spotlights over wrestling mats2015Wrestling
$500 for vault landing pad2015Gymnastics
$500 for volleyballs and carts2015Volleyball
$20,000 for AAHA Gym expansion and Field Turf2014Multiple
$20,000 for AAHA Gym expansion and Field Turf2012Multiple
$3,100 for Uniforms2012Boys Hockey
$900 for Batting cage nets2012Baseball
$2,772 for Uniforms2011Boys Soccer
$2,000 for Trailer2011Multiple
$1,869 for Uniforms2011Girls Soccer
$586 for Weight room polymetrics boxes2011Multiple
$5,000 for Scoreboard at Woodland Elementary2010Softball
$1,000 for Wireless scoreboards at Discovery2010Multiple
$1,000 for Uniforms2010Boys Basketball
$1,000 for Uniforms2010Softball
$1,000 for Uniforms2010Boys Cross Country
$500 for Uniforms2010Dance
$180 for Sign at Lincoln School2010Soccer
$5,000 for Scoreboard at Discovery Pool2009Swimming
$3,000 for Swimming Pool2008Swimming
$2,245 for Weight Room Equipment2008Multiple
$1,500 for Baseball Equipment2008Baseball
$1,100 for Uniforms2008Boys Basketball
$2,088 for Uniforms2007Girls Basketball
$2,000 for Weight Room Equipment2007Multiple
$1,700 for Track and Field Equipment2007Girls Track
$1,000 for Wrestling Mats2007Wrestling
$800 for Uniforms2007Dance Team
$2,160 for Uniforms2006Girls Cross Country
$2,088 for Uniforms2006Girls Basketball
$1,050 for Uniforms2006Wrestling
$5,000 for Scoreboard2005Multiple
$3,000 for Storage Shed2005Multiple
$1,650 for Uniforms2005Soccer
$1,344 for Warm Up Suits2005Wrestling
$1,000 for Swimming Program2005Swimming
$1,000 for Equipment2005Gymnastics
$725 for Uniforms2005Baseball
$717 for Equipment2005Nordic Skiing
$4,057 for Scoreboard2004Soccer
$2,000 for Trailer2004Multiple
$816 for Training Room Equipment2004Multiple
$4,800 for Weight Room Equipment2003Multiple
$2,413 for Swimming Program2003Swimming
$750 for Weight Room Equipment2002Multiple
$750 for Aerator Grounds Machine2002Multiple
$500 for Baseball Equipment2001Baseball
$350 for School Training Program2001Multiple
$1,653 for Gymnastics Floor2000Gymnastics
$700 for Voyager Elementary School2000Multiple
$8,628 for Scorers Table1999Multiple
$2,800 for Weight Room Equipment1999Multiple
$2,000 for Uniforms1999Nordic Boys Skiing
$1,000 for Swimming Program1999Swimming
$202 for Equipment1999Girls Basketball
$3,300 for Uniforms1998Girls Hockey
$1,558 for Training Room Equipment1998Multiple
$5,000 for Locker Room Lockers1997Multiple
$4,500 for Weight Room Equipment1997Multiple
$2,000 for Citizen’s Field Lights1996Multiple
$3,410 for Wall Mats1995Multiple
$3,000 for Weight Room Equipment1995Multiple
$1,000 for Banners1995Multiple