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Student athletes excel in their academics and acquire many life-long skills through their participation in sports, including

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Pride in working toward a common goal
  • Dealing with successes and challenges

The needs of our athletic programs have greatly changed since 1992. Through increased support from the Athletic Foundation, we hope to help maintain the athletic programs for many years to come. The Athletic Foundation recognizes that these needs will continue to grow in the future. Over the past 15 years, participation fees have more than doubled, while other costs have grown rapidly. Increased costs for basic needs such as transportation and officials leave less money available for equipment, uniforms, and supplies. The Athletic Foundation hopes to build its endowment fund, positioning itself to provide sustainable, long-term support for future Cardinal athletes.

Please join us and become a "Friend of the Athletic Foundation." By working together, we can continue to provide the opportunity for future students to participate and excel in Cardinal athletics!

If you wish to sign up, you can do so by downloading our form or visiting our Friends of the Foundation store and making your payment via PayPal or a major credit card. Feel free to contact us with questions!

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